Facebook Went Down for Hours Affected Users Across the World

On Wednesday, Facebook, and Instagram were partially down for some users across the world. Many Facebook users reported issues logging into and posting on the platform. But a security firm believes that breakdown could be due to a leak in border gateway protocol. The entire world relies on the border gateway protocol (BGP), to route internet traffic on the web. BGP works to route the traffic across the internet. But it is necessary for the network operators to avoid publishing inadequate or malicious data over the network. But sometimes, it happens, and false information can result in a route leak. As a result, internet traffic is confused about its direction and may lead to massive failures.

Facebook did not give a reason for the stoppage. The platform provided minimal information other than admitting it is aware services are down in some regions. Facebook announced the failure in a Tweet. It states the company is aware that some people are having a problem to access the Facebook community of apps. Facebook added it is working to solve the issues as early as possible. After some time, the social media also verified the outage is not due to a DDoS attack. A distributed Denial-of-Service attack is an attack in which the attacker overtakes a site by flooding it with fake traffic.

According to Downdetector, the service is not working well in many regions including East and West Coasts of the U.S., some parts of Europe. The service was down in other areas of the world also. Recently, reports of problems with Facebook increased at over 11,000 worldwide. Many users reported various issues, ranging from unable to load site to not able to post comments. Some users also received a message on the screen revealing unavailability of their account. It is not the first time Facebook users have faced outage. The company previously, in November, experienced a breakdown of its tools for advertisers.

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