FAA Approves Proposal of Southwest Airlines for Hawaii Flights

Southwest Airlines will finally fly away to Hawaii. The company appealed the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration for flying to Hawaii from California. On Wednesday, Southwest Airlines Company gained approval from the federal aviation administration. The low-cost carrier will now fly to the islands from the West Coast. The company said it would announce on ticket sales and inaugural flights in the upcoming days. The airline intends to sell tickets for popular vacation destinations. The move has cleared Southwest’s way for the low-cost carrier. Gary Kelly, Southwest CEO, previously states that the company would start selling tickets after getting approval from the FAA. The company was eagerly waiting for permission from regulators because it is a crucial part of its growth plan for 2019.

The Dallas-based airline company is one of the U.S. domestic airlines giant. Southwest will fly its Boeing 737 fleet from Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Diego. The company also intends to offer service at Honolulu on Oahu, Kahului on Maui, Lihue on Kauai, and Kona Island in Hawaii. In addition to this, Southwest aims to fly between the Hawaiian Islands. The fleet of the company’s rivals includes Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines. Thus Southwest will face intense competition from other airlines on the new routes.

The airline company unveiled its plan to start flying to Hawaii in October 2017. At that time, Southwest targeted to sell its tickets by 2018. It is essential for an airline company to get permission from the FAA to fly their jets over water. But the decision remained pending due to the partial government shutdown. The move obstructed a lengthy federal certification process for a long period of time. The FAA notified it will increase its inspection of Southwest’s operations for six months from as service starts. It is nothing but a part of standard practice.

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