New Images from Mars Express Reveal the Presence of Ancient Rivers on the Red Planet

All of us see Mars as a barren land with no water. But it once contained large amounts of water on its surface. Fresh images from the European Space Agency (ESA) offer proof of the Martian land’s previous existences. The incredible pictures clicked by ESA’s Mars Express Satellite reveal a moment into the Red Planet’s warm and watery past. The dry and dusty planet had water on its surface around 3.5 billion years ago. The image represents an ancient region present in the southern highlands of Mars filled with craters that have pointers of flowing water.

Ancient valleys form an area present in the East of Mar’s famous Huygens impact crater in the southern highlands. It also contains other signs of water that go against the current perspective of the Martian climate. According to ESA, the recent collection of satellite photos shows clear signs of past water activity. The space agency also says the region’s topography indicate that water flowed downwards from north to south. This flowing water resulted in valleys that are hundreds of meters deep. We assume Mars as a cold, dry and barren world, but a lot of evidence indicates adverse conditions of the planet.

According to ESA, a study in previous years alternatively progressively shows that the planet once had a thicker and heavier atmosphere. As a result, the planet locked extensive amounts of warmth, which promote and help the flow of liquid water under the surface. The valleys faced erosion from many years, but still, they remain visible in the satellite images today. As per researchers, they are still unaware of the source of water on the Martian surface. To explore more about the Red Planet, ESA and Roscomos will launch a new mission in the upcoming year. The ExoMars mission will have the newly named Rosalind Franklin rover. The probe will travel around the planet and perform various searches there.

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