Arizona Passes Bill to Expand Vaccine Exemptions and Washington Will Reverse the Act

Arizona is ready to extend the allowance for vaccines as other states function to strengthen them. As the measles epidemic continues to grow in the Pacific Northwest, an Arizona House panel has signed many bills to expand exemption in the state. According to the Arizona Republic, the state government panel approved three bills in the last week. The bills could broaden vaccine exemption communities despite a warning of public health officials. The board, led by Republicans decided to develop a religious exemption for school going kids. Spokeswoman Nancy Barto, the sponsor of the bills, claimed that the bills intend to hit the balance between arguments on both sides.

The visions of the bill consist of extended exemptions for religious reasons. The measure would also scrap the need that parents or guardians sign a document to decline vaccinations. The health officials have waned the potential risks of permitting such type of exemptions. Bob England, ex-director of the Maricopa County Department of Public Health said an epidemic in the Phoenix sector could lead to a negative impact on public health. While, the number of measles cases reached 150 nationwide, mainly in 10 states. Critics say if the Arizona government passes those three bills, it could be the next.

On the other hand, Washington’s Clark County is facing an outbreak of extremely contagious disease. It is a place where unobstructed anti-vaccine views and similarity lax vaccination laws boosted the spread of measles. Till date, the count of measles cases reached 65, and most of the patients are children under the age of 10. It is not a surprising fact that most of the cases are unvaccinated. So the Washington state officials are now developing rule expecting to avoid the future epidemic. The move would reduce vaccination exemptions on a personal and theoretical basis. Whereas, it seems like Arizona lawmakers have not noticed the efforts of their Washington counterparts.

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