Israel’s First Private Lunar Mission Will Lift-Off from Florida on Friday

SpaceIL, a non-profit Israeli Organization announced on Monday that it would launch the first private aircraft to land on the Moon. So Israel is ready to depart on a historical lunar mission. If all the things go well, Israel will be the fourth country to make a soft landing on the moon. Before this, the US, Russia, and China have successfully landed on the moon. The space agency will launch a spacecraft from Florida’s Cape Carnival. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will propel the craft for the mission. There are two support sources of the Israeli project. The personalities are an American billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and an Israeli businessman Morris Kahn. The Israeli entrepreneur donated $40 million for the project.

The small spacecraft measures roughly the size of the washing machine and weighs 1,300 pounds. The five feet tall craft is fitted with equipment to measure the lunar surface’s magnetic field. It also includes a copy of the Bible microscopically printed on a small metal disk. The probe will continue to explore the lunar surface after analyzing the magnetic field. It will fire up its engine and hop to another spot for the study. The SpaceIL and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries spacecraft named – “Beresheet” will lift off on Friday at around 3:45 am Israel time. Although Beresheet is the first private mission to touch the surface of Earth’s natural satellite. The name Beresheet comes from the Hebrew language, which means beginning. Researchers predict that the craft will reach the Moon on April 4.

Previously, Google held a contest, Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, to land an unmanned observatory on the lunar surface. The team participated in a competition. According to, five contestants reached the final round. Later on, the $30 million contest was withdrawn with no winner. The organizer said none of the final contestants would accomplish the Moon launch until 31st March 2018. Despite that, the Israeli team keeps on going with the development of its spacecraft. As a result, the project is going to start its journey to the moon. The probe will cover a distance of 6.5 kilometers revolving around the Earth multiple times to gain speed. Avi Blasberger, Israel’s space program chief, said he expects SpaceIL will develop a Beresheet effect (like that of Apollo effect) in Israel.

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