Razer The Game Store Is Closing at The End of February

Razer, a leading brand in gaming brand is shutting down on 28th February. The gaming hardware manufacturer launched in April 2018. After less than a year, the company declared the closure of its digital game store. Razer calls its end as a part of realignment plans. In the beginning, the Razer Game Store started with the aim of taking a part of a game sales business that is governed by Stream. The Razer Game Store provided Stream, Origin, and Uplay keys that enabled users to download games. Each purchase arrived with reward points in the form of Razer Silver.

Razer offered virtual currency that encouraged its customers to purchase hardware and digital content at a discounted rate. Customers earned Razer Silver or virtual currency on every single purchase on the Razer Game Store. Unfortunately, it seems like the Razer’s strategy to stick accessory discounts to game purchase will not work anymore. As per the statement published on the Razer Game Store, the team announced that the shutdown is due to realignment plan. The platform also clarified that downloaded games would continue to work after the closure of the store. But the purchased keys and discount vouchers will be useless after February 28. Razer says it will deliver pre-ordered games as per schedule. So users will receive their pre-ordered titles even after the closure.

The company said it would continue to serve games to gamers through other services. Razer also promised to invest in different ways to offer great content and launch game promotions via Razer Gold. Razer may associate with other game stores in the upcoming time. From 1st March, customers can only buy games from Razer via Razer Gold or redeem games. The silver earnings will remain valid even after the shutdown of the store. They will be valid until the expiry date of earnings. While losing the digital store will mark a scar on Razer’s record. But it not at all mean that the company is unsuccessful in its best ever gaming hardware.

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