Google Maps is Implementing a New AR Street Map Feature to Assist Users in Navigation

Finding any address particularly in a big city has become a significant problem. Many people take a look at Google Maps to discover the way where they want to go. Google intends to make it easier for people to find their way in busy urban areas. Now the company believes it overcomes the issue by using the new augmented-reality technique. On Monday, Google Maps introduced a new augmented-reality feature in its mobile application. Wall Street Journal created a demo video to release the new AR street map feature. It displays a set of graphics inclusive of highlighted arrows and floating street names to assists users in navigation.

In the video, the user is holding up the phone with a Google Maps app in it. The software phones camera to scan the surroundings. While the process takes place within a few microseconds. Once Google Maps identifies the landmarks, they are locked via GPS. As a result, the app displays information related to those landmarks on the screen. Google calls the skill as global localization. In the process, the phone’s GPS discovers the user’s approximate location. After that, it uses a phone’s camera to differentiate between the view and data stored in Google Street View. Although technology can find the user’s precise location quickly and offer more reliable directions.

The user needs to turn on the AR option in the Google map which allows the app to scan the surroundings. The alternative to use AR is through a button – Start AR, present in the main screen of Google Maps. Rachel Inman, Googler working on user-experience for AR technology, said the company expects to create it simpler to go between the 2D map on your phone and the 3D around us. The new feature is in an “alpha” state. Thus it is only available for local guides who will offer a beneficial product assessment. Local Guides are a group of users who participate in the experiment and contribute their reviews, photos, and locations to assist Google in analyzing the results. The company did not disclose any date to unroll the feature for all the users.

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