Heart-Shaped Meteorite Set for Auction and Might Be a Perfect Valentine Day Gift

What’s the plan, decided any gift for Valentine? Whether yes or no, but I have a piece of news that may change your mind. Your plan may change after listening to the story. An outstanding gift, which arrived from space to Earth, is about to go on sale. A heart-shaped meteorite previously landed in Siberia in 1947. So one can skip those boring gifts like chocolates, flowers, etc., and go for a piece arrived from the space. The space rock is known as “Heart of Space”, and is coming in an online bid.

The biggest meteorite shower of the previous several thousand years fell on Earth’s surface on February 12, 1947. The meteorite will now part of an online auction organized by British Auction house Christie. According to Christie, the meteor will sell for between $300,000 and $500,000. Although, it is a part of one of the largest meteorite shower. At some time, the meteorite belonged to a giant mass of iron that separated from the asteroid belt. The split from the asteroid belt took place 320 million years ago. The heart-shaped meteorite is going up for Christie’s auction on 6th February. It measures 9 inches across at its widest point. Besides, the Heart of Space weighs about 10 kilograms.

Scientists say the battle of the thousands of space rocks entered the Earth’s atmosphere at an intense speed of 30,000 mph. As a result, a light flashed for almost 200 miles. The accompanying sonic blast cracked windows, pulled up trees and smashed chimneys. The 20-mile-long smoke stream persisted in the sky for several hours. Consequently, the meteorites formed around 200 craters. James Hyslop, a specialist with Christie’s Science and Natural History, said it might be the biggest meteorite shower ever in thousands of years. He said the phenomenon must have appeared like the end of the world. Fortunately, no one died due to the shower. Still, Heart of Space, the space rock a slightly bigger gift than a box of chocolates.

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