A Bug in FaceTime Enables iPhone Caller to Eavesdrop Another iPhone User

A newly revealed FaceTime virus allows people to hear and even see those they are calling. The new glitch arrived in the FaceTime app and left iPhone users in anxiety. Various media outlets reported the new about the bug, primarily reported by Apple’s Later, CNET confirmed about the glitch independently. The bug allows an iPhone user to initiate a call and hear audio coming from the receiver’s phone, even before answering the call. Surprisingly, if the recipient rejects the incoming call by using the power or volume key, it transfers video from the camera. On Monday, the company said it was functioning to fix the bug.

In some cases, users of the group chat function on FaceTime would be able to access a recipient’s microphone without user’s knowledge. The bug allows callers to shortly eavesdrop on the recipient and his surroundings. Accidentally, the news rolled out in the National Privacy Day in the U.S. Users quickly reacted via various social media networks. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, recommended people to disable FaceTime temporarily. While Apple says the company is aware of the problem. They aim to fix the bug and release a new software update in the upcoming weeks. But, it seems that Apple pulled back the FaceTime group chat feature.

Apple launched the group video chat feature in the previous year. According to 9to5Mac, the problem arises when a user calls someone using FaceTime. The issue has already lit up social media network. Technology writer Andy Baio tweeted by warning iPhone users about the bug. He mentioned that he is going to disable FaceTime until the issue gets solved. New York governor Andrew Cuomo suggested his citizens disable the FaceTime app temporarily. He said the bug is an egregious breach of user privacy, and it may put citizens at risk. Meanwhile, iPhone users can fix the bug by disabling the FaceTime feature. Users may sign out of FaceTime app as a precaution.

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